Elf is a movie directed by Jon Favreau


Elf first starts in an orphanage, when baby Buddy notices Santa sliding down the chimney and delivering some presents. Buddy crawls unnoticed into Santa's sack and gets taken to the North pole. An older elf, Papa Elf, who always wanted children offers to adopt him. As Buddy grows, he is twice the size of all the other elves, as he is human, not an elf. One day Papa Elf tells Buddy that he is not an elf, but is a human. Papa Elf tells him about his mother who sadly passed away just after Buddy was born and his father who lives in New York City. Buddy decides to go to New York to find his dad. He eventually finds his Dad in the Empire State Building. His dad, Walter Hobbs, is not pleased to see him as he reminds him of Buddy's mother, Susan Wells. Buddy then goes on to meet his step-mother, half-brother. Elf is not afraid to stand out from the crowd his tight yellow tights and his bright green jacket and not forgetting his hat. Buddy is not afraid to make the decorations great either, decorating a local toy shop and his new home is a bit of a surprise to the owners. Elf then meets his girlfriend, Jovie. Micheal his half-brother asks Jovie out for Buddy. They go out trying to find a massive Christmas tree and ice skating, where Buddy and Jovie first kiss. Buddy then meets a famous book author who he then goes on calling an elf. The author attacks him and Buddy is very shocked. Finally on Christmas eve Walter tells buddy to go away, Buddy is very sad. But eventually Micheal and Walter meet Buddy once again on a mission to save Santa and Christmas. Santa lands in the Middle of New York. Buddy tries to fix the engine but eventually when that doesn't work Jovie faces her fears of singing in front of people, many people sing along to the beautiful song she is singing which makes the sleigh purely ride on Christmas Spirit like it did in the Old Days!


Main Characters

Elf - Will Ferrell

Walter Hobbs - James Caan

Pappa Elf - Bob Newhart

Miles Finch - Peter Dinklage

Micheal Hobbs - Daniel Tray

Jovie - Zooey Deschanel

Santa - Ed Asner

Emily Hobbs - Mary Steenburgen