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Papa Elf is the adoptive father of Buddy. When Buddy was first found in Santa's sack, Papa Elf volunteered to raise him. He is played by Bob Newhart.


  • Papa Elf is the narrator of the movie.
  • He is the first character to appear and one of the last.


  • Buddy: Adoptive son
  • Jovie: Adoptive-daughter-in-law
  • Suzie: Adoptive granddaughter

Movies, Videos and TV Shows Appearances

  • Elf
  • Elf: Buddy's Musical Celebration
  • Character Street Stays Up Late
  • Character Street Buddy's Beautiful Birthday Bash
  • Character Street - Mikepalooza!
  • Character Street 25 Years and Counting
  • Character Street 35th Years A Stars and Street Forever
  • Elf 2: City of Sugar Land
  • Character Street's 25th Wonderful Years A Musical Celebration! (After The Opening Title Card)
  • Elf: Buddy's Sings
  • Saturday Morning Live
  • Radio City Music Hall (In the Audience)
  • Sprout House